Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

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* For hygienic reasons, this item is a FINAL SALE - no returns or exchanges. *

Genuine Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces ... nature's remedy for teething pain.

Genuine Baltic Amber is a natural healing remedy for teething pain. The power of genuine amber necklaces on a teething baby goes back centuries and has been used medicinally in many cultures. Designed to be worn by a fussy, uncomfortable baby, amber teething necklaces provide them with natural pain relief.

Why you'll love our Baltic Amber Teething necklaces and bracelets:
- Genuine, authentic Baltic amber - the highest quality available. We ensure this was the real deal.
- Only smooth, polished, rounded beads (known as baroque) for you child's comfort. No sharp, pointy nuggets or chips!
- On necklaces, each amber bead is individually knotted on solid thread for safety, so in the event of breakage, only one bead will break off. Thread will not lose shape or stretch out.
- Our amber teething necklaces are closed with a twist clasp (screw thread), designed to break under extreme pressure. Bracelets are made with an elastic thread.

Colour and texture may not be exactly as shown in picture.


* For hygienic reasons, this item is a FINAL SALE - no returns or exchanges. *

- Amber contains naturally-occurring succinic acid which is non-toxic (found in the fossil resin produced by pine trees) and used in medicinal mixtures by many cultures. This is the same succinic acid found in mainstream pain medication.
- A safe and effective homeopathic remedy for teething. A perfect alternative to teething drugs, medication or gels.
- A natural analgesic, amber helps remedy restlessness, irritability, sleep trouble and pain.
- Amber is not a stone so therefore warm to the touch, as well as very light and comfortable to wear.
- Bead size is approx. 4mm-8mm (various) and necklace length is 12-13 inches. Bracelets are approximately 5 inches long. Bead shape varies which adds to it's authenticity.
- Genuine Baltic amber collected from the shores of the Baltic Sea and hand-assembled in Lithuania by small artisans.
- Amber needs to be warmed against the body which releases the healing oils of the fossilized resin to be absorbed by the skin. Rounded amber beads allow for the most skin exposure which helps to aid in the healing process.
- Amber is well-known to reduce stress and also give a general sense of wellness to the wearer. Succinic acid, the most beneficial component of the amber, may be more concentrated in lighter amber vs. the darkest of amber.
- As an alternative to drugs or teething pain, an amber teething necklace is one of the most non-intrusive methods of helping your little one. Worn close to the skin, under your baby's shirt, many parents will attest to the calming effects of amber teething necklaces and are pleased to find a natural method of relieving teething pain without resorting to drugs.
- True Baltic amber is not inexpensive. Many imitations on the market are not real amber and instead are hot, plastic resin (made in China is a real clue). Some sellers go through the trouble of actually embedding tiny insects during the setting process so they are look like amber when cooled and solid. Don't be fooled. If you purchase imitation amber you will simply have bought 100% fake plastic beads.

Safety Concerns
- Genuine Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces and Bracelets are made for wearing, NOT chewing. They are NOT designed for putting in the mouth. Parent supervision is recommended at all times when baby wears a necklace and your child should NEVER be left alone with a necklace or bracelet on. Always remove your amber necklace or bracelet from baby when baby is sleeping or unattended. As an alternative, you may wish to wrap the necklace around your baby's ankle, under a sleeper or socks. This is considered jewelery and should be treated as such.

The threaded screw in each necklace is removable, although in most cases it is threaded tight enough that it should remain in place. This is how the necklace is designed. The clasp is laboratory tested to release if excessive force is applied to the necklace, which ensures the highest safety. Should the clasp release under normal use, you can easily thread this back into one side of the clasp tightly, and continue to use the necklace. Bracelets are made with an elastic thread, designed to break if excessive force is pulled.

Amber necklaces are considered a personal care item. All sales are Final.

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